Lab Outline and How to Use This Lab

Now that you have set up your computer correctly you can learn about the lab. This laboratory is based around an investigation that will be described on the next page. First, you will be presented with an introduction which provides some background information as well as the objectives of the lab. From there you will be given the opportunity to try out several models related to the evolution of cooperation, as well as visit the library which contains supplementary information on a variety of related topics. You may also visit the library by clicking on one of the embedded links that you will find along the way. Click here now to read about the library.

Note that at any time you can click the left and right arrows in your browser's window to move back to the last page that you visited (left) and then back again (right). This will be very useful. However, these arrows may or may not perform the same function as the "back" and "next" arrows that are embedded within the page. These embedded arrows can take you to places that you have not yet visited, whereas the browser's arrows can only take you to places that you have visited. For more information, contact your local computer center and request documentation on using your web browser.

Now, let's begin...