Disclaimers, Copyrights and Acknowledgements

Disclaimers: The species presented and the behavior that is described are completely fictional. Any resemblance to actual species or behaviors is purely coincidental. Professor Shimoda is a fictional character, and Taughannock field station is an imaginary place. Any resemblance between these items and the names of my dogs (pictured here) is purely intentional.

Shimoda (left), Taughannock (aka "Tau", right), and the author (center).

Copyright: All material contained is this lab are the property of Eric Klopfer, except as noted within the text, and all pictures (with the exception of the bee animations) which were obtained from one of the following sources

In addition the random numbers were provided courtesy of Paul Houle.

Acknowledgments: Valuable input on this lab was provided by (among others) Robert Jeanne, David Griffeath, Rachel Klopfer, Casey Garhart, Johannes Foufopoulos, Jennifer Klug, John Losey and Anthony Ives.