Working in Your Browser

Entering URLs
Uniform Resource Locator
first part specifies protocol (http= web)
last part specifies type of organization (e.g. edu, com, org, us, other countries)
middle is domain name
the whole name is looked up and the IP address is returned (computer equivalent of phone number)
Launch Netscape from Novell Delivered Applications
Type in whole address in "Location" Box and hit return
Page loads quickly (we have a "T1" connection which is approximately 30x faster than a home modem)
Navigating a web page
Try jumping to
The page consists of text, pictures, links and forms (items that ask for information)
Links are usually displayed in a different color and are underlined.  When you click (once) on them with the left mouse button you will be taken to another page (or another place within the same page).
Try clicking on the title "Education"
Then try following a series of links until you leave Yahoo's site.  You will know you left when the Location starts with something other than ""
To go back to where you started, click the back button towards the upper left corner of the Netscape window.  Keep clicking it until you have arrived back at Yahoo's home (starting) page.
Remembering many web addresses can be quite tedious.  You can store them conveniently in Netscape.  When you are on a page that you would like to remember, go to the "Bookmark" menu on the second third line and select "Add Bookmark."
You can then access your bookmarks from the same menu by dragging the mouse down to the appropriate item.


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