Bibliographic Links for "Design of Educational Web Sites- Evaluation and Creation"

Ameritech TechKnowledgy Project - Good brief introduction to Instructional Design and good links (first day intro?).

AusWeb96-Education-Creating Effective Instructional Materials for the World Wide Web - Good overview of educational web uses and references.

Beyond Clip Art - Graphic tips for creating web graphics.

Bibliographic Formats for Citing Electronic Information - Just what it sounds like

Bookmarks for Instructional Development - Instructional design and more general refernces.

Books About Web Design and Usability - Good mini-reviews

Christie Communications Instructional Design Methodology - One company's view on ID

Cognitive Flexibility - A good description from the ILT web site.

COE - Distance Education - Syllabus for Educational Web Design course

Competencies and Skills for Instructional Designers - ID job duties

Creating Killer Websites Online - Online companion to Siegel's "classic" book. Also see the Secrets of Successful Web Sites site.

Dewey's Toolbox for Skinner's Teaching Machine - Good reading on historical perspective.  Probably will use in first couple of weeks.

Delivering Instruction on the World Wide Web - Overview of web and ID.

Design Guidelines for the World Wide Web - Technical guidelines


Design Principles--Multiple Perspectives - Links

Designing School Web Sites - From "From NOW On".  Legal References.  Workshop slides.

Distance Instruction - Instructional Design of Educational Technology course.  Syllabus, assignments etc.

EDCI 5164 Principles of Instructional Design - UVM course. Used own (Shambaugh) book

Educational Technology, SUNY Potsdam, GRED 614, Hal Ferguson - Good intro course.  Especially references to Organizations and Journals.

Ed's Oasis Evaluation Guidelines - Some guidelines for evaluating web sites with representative examples

EET Table Of Contents - Encyclopedia of Educational Technology Good for visual literacy

Effective Use Of The Web For Education - Designing educational materials around the web

Elkazine Literature study - A good but dry paper on the web.  Good section on educational web design.! Articles Online - Electronic Performance Support Systems articles some original and some linked.

Evaluating Internet Information - Things to look for in the content of web sites for verification of accuracy

Evaluating Internet Sources - Guidelines for evaluating internet sources

Evaluating Quality on the Net - Perspectives and tools for evaluating web sites by a college  Library Media director.

Evaluating Web Resources - PowerPoint presentation and checklists for evaluating different kinds of web sites.

Evaluating Web-Based Instruction Design - Nice overview of the literature.  Also see another section on applying Learning Style Inventory to WBI

Evaluating World Wide Web Information - Simple generic guidelines to evaluate web pages

Form + Function - Professional perspective on web page design encompassing content, visual, information, interaction, compatibility and performance design.  Related to Unified Field Theory of Design which is one professional's (well presented) theoretical and practical perspective on ID.

Funderstanding - ABOUT LEARNING - A great site that presents information on different theories of learning and other information relating to educational technology.

Guidelines for Web Document Style & Design (DL SunSITE) - Some brief guidelines.

HTML Crash Course for Educators - A decent presentation on using HTML and some design guidelines.

Web Page Evaluation Worksheet - A scoresheet for evaluating web pages.

A Systematic Approach to User Interface Design for a Hypertext Framework - An essay on interface design.

HyperTerrorist Checklist of WWWeb Design Errors - What not to do.

icsnotes - Some thoughts on instructional design

Instruction on the Web - Some more links

Instructional Design - Indep. Study Summer '97 - One of the nice min-reviews of ID models.

Instructional Design and Training - More links

Instructional Design Articles & Links - More links to sites and articles

Instructional Design Bibliography - A good bibliography to print resources

Instructional Design Class ASU - A brief synopsis of ID

Instructional Design Methodologies And Techniques Home Page - A good overview of ID models done by some grad students.

Instructional Design Models - A well organized collection of links.

Instructional Design Resources UW - More links

Instructional Design Resources - Yet more links

Instructional Design - And more links

Instructional Systems Design - Creative IDEAS, Inc - Information on Formative and Summative Evaluations with respect to ID

Instructional Systems Design - An essay-type overview

ISD-CBI Development Group Instructional Design Model - A five step ID model

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - Critical Evaluation Surveys - Evaluation criteria for educational web sites, written by an expert.

Learning & Instruction The TIP Database - A good collection of descriptions of learning theories and their applications.

Library Selection Criteria for WWW Resources - Some criteria for evaluating web sites.

Links Related to Instructional Design - Yet more links

Mary's Instructional Design Links - More links, in a somewhat organized presentation

Michael Greer's Project Management Resources - Some business oriented resources on ID management

On-Line Instructional Design - More links with descriptions

RFD ROUTE 6'S Instructional Design and Development Web Page - A good primer written by a commercial company

Selection Criteria - Criteria by which this organization chose the best web sites

T&L Online - Web Building Tips - Some tips from the people at the Technology and Learning magazine

T.H.E. Journal Back Issues 1996 - A short article on web design from THE Journal

Teaching - Learning - Instructional Design - CBI - Web Based Instruction - More organized links

Ten C's for Evaluation Web Sites- Another set of criteria, but this time they all begin with the letter "c"

The Copyright Website - A great source for copyright information

the NODE learning technologies network - Some good information on learning technologies for "practitioners" and "learners"

Thoughts about the Systems Approach to Instructional Design - A nine step approach to ID

Tips for Designing a Web Activity - Some good educationally oriented information on creating and evaluation web sites for students.

Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design (Alertbox May 1996) - One of the authorities on what not to do.

UBC Course Resources - Notes from an ID class, plus student projects and selected links.

Using Instr. Des. Prin. To Amplify Learning On The WWW - An award winning but not particularly deep paper.

Web Based Instruction Resources - You guessed it, more links.

Web Page Design for Designers - Home Page - A good, well organized, frequently updated resource for web page designers.

web pages that suck -- web design, html, design, web pages - A classic site that links to and analyzes poorly designed sites.   Also a book.

Welcome to Engines for Education### - A "hyperbook" demonstrates how to adapt a book to the advantages of hypermedia.

What the Research Says About Excellence in Training and Learning -A long PowerPoint presentation with some good information, and some not so useful.

Yale Style Manual-Table of Contents - The authoritative source on web site design.  Also a book.

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